Voarte was born of the desire to produce, disclose and enhance contemporary creation, based on the merging vindication of artistic expressions, developing national and international projects that support the interchange and trans-disciplinary creation. 

Voarte is an innovative project that promotes creative dialogue and cultural decentralizing, with a view to strengthening relations between communities and cultures, as well as enlarging and developing of new audiences. 

Carrying on 22 years of artistic, pedagogical and social activities, Voarte believes the value of artistic culture and keeps on creating new performances, festivals, exhibitions, installations, films, seminars and program proposals combining both mainstream artists and emerging creators. 

Voarte has been distinguished with several awards within the culture access, intellectual accessibility and in the work of inclusion trough artistic practices.

It was also co-organizer of the European projects Fragile (that aimed the inclusion of visually impaired people in the performing arts), Unlimited access (intended to show the importance of valuing differences in the artistic scene) and Evdh – European Video Dance Heritage (intended to develop a dance memory), Abba – Audience Blending By Arts (aimed at artists and spectators, deaf and hearing, enjoying the same theatre experience, through the technique Innovative Bilingual Theatre (IBT) – simultaneous interpretation in sign language) and recently Beyond Signs.

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