In September our artists have been on stage again!
Nikita Lymar and Daniel Bongioanni, directed by Diana Anselmo with “You have to be Deaf to understand” have performed at:
👉 Rami d’ORA festival by Laagam in Piateda (IT) on September 18
👉 Vapore d’estate festival in Milan (IT) on September 25

Lino Ujicic Matessa and Mingsheng Pi, directed by Angel Naumovski have been on stage with “Sad clown”

📆 Saturday September 24, h 5 pm
👉 Children’s Creative Center, Radićeva street 22, Pula (HR)
The performance has been hosted by Udmosi (association of hearing impaired children and youth of Istria) for their 10th anniversary.