On Saturday, April 30, 2022, the association “Theater, audiovisual arts and culture of the Deaf – DLAN” – Croatian partner of the Beyond Signs project – hosted a fun and impactful drama workshop for deaf children. The workshops took place in a venue provided by the association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of the City of Zagreb.

During the workshops, deaf and hearing children, together with their parents, had an opportunity to develop their capacities for artistic expression by participating in fun and playful movement exercises coordinated by the Croatian Beyond Signs artists, Lino Matessa and Mingsheng Pi, and supervised by their artistic director mr. Angel Naumovski, together with a renowned deaf professional actor from Ukraine, Mr. Bogdan Lukovič – Čajka, who found a temporary home in Croatia, fleeing his war-torn homeland.

The workshop was a great opportunity for the parents of deaf kids to meet and network, and establish a relationship with the Dlan association which aims to continue developing similar workshops in the coming period. For this effort, we are delighted to have the assistance of mrs. Azra Kvrgić Nikolić, a member of the Dlan association and initiator of group activities focused on deaf kids and their parents, and a parent of a deaf child herself.

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