The Association “Theater, Audiovisual Arts and Culture of The Deaf – DLAN” was founded on October 18th 2001 by members of the Deaf community in Zagreb with an aim to promote theater, music, audiovisual arts and culture of the Deaf in Croatia and abroad. One of the Association’s main aims was, and still is, to enable greater access to artistic and cultural activities for people with hearing related disabilities and to promote the acceptance of the Deaf community as a cultural and linguistic minority in accordance with the recommendations of the European Parliament and the UN. The Association works on developing the Deaf societies creativity and self-esteem and on supporting their participation events all around the world. It’s main mission is to strengthen the visibility of Deaf art and culture, and to foster the acknowledgement of Sign Language as one of its most prominent features.

The Association directly contributes to a higher quality of life for persons with hearing related disabilities and their families. By encouraging a higher level of their participation in public life and with their active involvement in cultural and social activities, the Association aids the development of the general cultural, artistic and civil society in the EU and beyond. By promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of Croatian Sign Language, the Deaf identity and Deaf art, with the support of its local and international partners, the Association continually succeeds in reaffirming the vitality and creativity of Croatian and European Deaf culture.

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